We take every step possible to ensure your skin remains safe during your treatment at Laser Cosmetica.

Some treatments we perform in clinic may require corrective products as a  “skin prep” to ensure safety and efficiency of the treatment. This is also to minimise associated risks involved. All pre and post care will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation and/or before the treatment.

Each client’s skin responds differently & this information acts as a guideline only. If you have any questions/concerns regarding your treatment, please call 02 4225 1144 or send a message to our socials.


Day 1 to 2:
– Do not cleanse until the next day, use a gentle cleanser with cool water.
– Cold compresses may be useful for the first 24 hours if needed.
– Avoid excessive perspiration, hot showers, baths, saunas, spas, swimming.
– Apply advised am & pm aftercare, it is imperative Sunscreen 30+ is applied daily with reapplication as required.
– Sleep as upright as possible to preclude excess facial swelling.
– Antihistamines can help reduce inflammation and redness.

Day 3 to 4:
– You can start wearing mineral makeup.

7 days post treatment:
– You may resume regular skincare routine and reintroduce actives.

What Can Be Expected:
– Anticipate a social “downtime” of 2-3 days before any redness and swelling has subsided.
– Immediately after your treatment, your skin will be red and feel like you have a moderate sunburn.
– As the skin is healing, it may feel slightly itchy, warmer and tighter than usual.
– Skin may crust and peel up to 7 days post treatment.
– Some bruising may occur during treatment. This usually resolves after 7 days.
– Pigment will darken with IPL. This is expected and a normal part of the process. DO NOT pick, scrub or exfoliate these spots. Allow them to shed on their own. This can take 7-14 days post treatment.
– Our best efforts will be made to reduce pigment. Unfortunately, certain lifestyle factors, medication, hormonal replacement and pregnancy can cause pigment to return and may require follow up sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no guarantees of treatment outcomes and cannot be held responsible if after care instructions are not strictly adhered to.


Laser Cosmetica understands that sometimes schedules change and therefore requests at least 48 hours notice when cancelling or rescheduling your appointment. A credit card is required to hold your appointment. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will incur a charge of 50% of the service amount. Failure to show to your appointment will be classified as a “No-Show” and 100% of the treatment will be charged.


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For the purposes of our Privacy Policy, personal information may include:
– Name
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