Meet Kasey


Kasey Vane has been offering her clientele world-class laser treatments since the technology first came to Sydney’s luxury spas more than fifteen years ago. As a skin health expert and safety-certified technician, she has enjoyed an international career at renowned dermatology clinics and has worked alongside sought-after cosmetic surgeons, both in Australia and abroad.

Kasey embraces a holistic approach to skin therapies. The strong link between gut health and a glowing complexion, as well as the vital role the lymphatic system plays in the skin’s overall wellbeing, are key aspects of her signature treatments. So, in order to achieve optimal, long lasting outcomes, Kasey works closely with leading professionals in naturopathy to ensure that her bespoke skincare solutions are powerfully supported from within.

Kasey’s discerning clients expect nothing but the best – so it’s a good thing that the results speak for themselves.